What do you feel is your biggest improvement/change?

My largest improvement is my overall health. I used to weight 330+ pounds since high school and I have now dropped over 115 of those pounds off. I have never been in this good of shape and I truly owe it to Nick and his team for always motivating me. I have now shifted my desires of losing weight into trying to get a 6 pack I would have never even imagined 4 years ago that I would be trying to achieve that.    

Favorite exercise?

1.       Rower

2.       Bench

3.       Ab wheel

Least favorite exercise?

1.       Stair climber

2.       Reverse fly

What is your favorite part about working out at sweat equity?

The motivation from I get from Nick and the trainers to push myself harder every time and to do my best. These workouts get me to do things I would never do at a gym by myself and the challenges really get the most out of me. They truly make you feel a part of the family on day one and modify any workout to fit for your level. It is also great that they keep track of your achievements like bench press weight, swat weights rowing times etc. etc. it extremely rewarding to see where you started and the progress you have made   

What keeps you motivated?

The challenges we do always keep things as fresh as the workouts are. Also the team challenges keep you going more and more cause you don’t want to let your team down. It’s also strange how rewarding putting up gold star stickers by my name or team really is.

Words of advice for people struggling to get started

Week 1 …… I came to the gym 3 days and was so sore I thought I couldn't do it

Week 2……. I came to the gym again 3 days and was sore thought out the weekend and i never thought it would be possible to go more times during the week

Week 3 …….This is where I realized no matter how sore I was I need to go even if it was hard to walk as soon as you start the workout all that goes away. I have been coming 5 days a week ever since and it is now a part of my daily schedule and I truly feel better than I ever have in my life due to this workout getting me in shape. Sweat is fat crying!!!!!!!!