Survivor Fitness Challenge

Here is how you enter the Football portion of the Survivor Challenge:

Group ID# 7911
Password: se

Get in there to earn your extra points!!




Complete the weekly fitness challenge.


If you complete it, you move on to the next week.


Be ready for surprise Nutrition or Good Deed challenges along the way which will earn you extra points and chances to win.


Surviving players after 4 weeks will be entered into a drawing to win prizes.


Extra chances to win will be earned by completing the Nutrition and Good Deed challenges.


An extra chance to win will also be earned for every winning NFL team you pick.



Football Rules:

You pick one team to win their game for that week.


If your team loses you get a strike.

If you get 3 strikes in the season you are out.


If your team wins you move on to the next week.


Every winning team you pick will = and extra chances for prizes after 4 weeks.


You can not pick that same team to win a game for any of their remaining regular season games.

This same process goes on each week until their is only one person left.